After completing this course after completion of this program, Applied Sports and Performance Psychology (B.A./M.A) the student can: Biochemistry (B.S.) examine the impact on biochemical, Biology (B.A., chemical and microbiological disciplines on the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients and food ingredients in digestion, B.S.) absorption, Cell & Molecular Biology (B.S.) metabolism, Chemical Engineering (B.S.) and excretion. Chemical Engineering (B.A., Integrate the behavioral, B.S.) biological social, Communications (B.A.) and environmental aspects that affect the intake of nutrients and food items and requirements throughout the life span. Computational Biology (B.S.) Examine the nutritional standards and assessment results to make informed decisions. Computer Science (B.S.) Discuss the roles and interrelations of food and nutrients in the human body, Criminology, health, Law & Society (B.A.) prevention of disease and diseases. (Ballet) (Ballet) (BFA) Apply the skills of critical thinking to identify the significance, The Dance (Contemporary) (BFA) analyze, dance (Global as well as Urban) (BFA) and interpret the findings of research and professional literature to discuss the implications and limitations.

Diplomacy & Strategic Affairs (B.A./M.A.) Apply the basic terminologies and nomenclature for organic chemical reactions. Drama (B.A.) Analyze, Economics (BBA) and predict the results of an organic synthesis that is multi-step using simpler, Electrical Engineering (B.S.) less typical reactions. Engineering Physics (B.S.) They apply the knowledge of organic functional groups to biological molecules like amino acids, English Literature (B.A.) proteins, English Writing (B.A.) lipids, Finance (BBA) as well as carbohydrates.

General Business (BBA) Career Information. General Business (BBA/MBA) Its Nutrition Science AS degree provides students with a solid base for a wide range of health and science job opportunities. Global Cybersecurity (B.A.) Students can pursue careers in the fields of public health and policies, Historiography (B.A.) nutrition programs sponsored by government and businesses, Integrated Humanities (B.A./B.S.) including those in the industry of food, International Business (BBA) international and community organizations, International Business (BBA/MBA) corporate wellness programs and community wellness centers, International Development (B.A.) restaurants and even schools. International Studies (B.A.) Certificate of Accomplishment. Marketing (BBA) Nutrition Education Certificate.

Marketing (BBA/MBA) This Nutrition education certificate is focused on the notions of food literacy, Mathematica (B.A.) well-being and health. Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) It is designed for those who are interested in the nutrition in food and their effects in the body, Music (B.A.) questions of nutritional status throughout the life span and the effect the choices made in food on one’s well-being, Nursing (ABSN) environment, Nursing (BSN) as well as the economics. Philosophy (B.A.) Students are able to choose the direction of their studies by choosing course(s) which cover the following subjects of food preparation and preparation, Philosophy (B.A./M.A.) nutritional performance, Physics (B.S.) longevity nutrition, The Political Science (B.A.) or early childhood education. Psychology (B.A.) After they have completed the courses required for this certificate, Spanish (B.A.) students can apply their credits towards an Associate of Science in Nutrition or Dietetics to transfer (AS-T). Studio Arts (B.A.) Catalog Date: Theology (B.A.) 1 August, Theology (B.A./M.A.) 2022.

Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant. Certificate Requirements. Pre-Dental.

NUTRI 300 Nutrition 3 NUTRI 340 Nutrition and Metabolism NUTRI 300 Nutrition 3 NUTRI 340 Nutrition and Metabolism (3) 3 – 4. Pre-Health. NUTRI 330 Food Preparation and Theory (4) Minimum of four units of the following 4: Pre-Law. BIOL 400 Principles of Biology (5) BIOL 430 Anatomy and Physiology (5) BIOL 431 Anatomy and Physiology (5) BIOL 310 General Biology (4) A minimum of six units of the following 6 CHEM 400 General Chemistry I (5) NUTRI 302 Nutrition for Physical Performance (3) NUTRI 310 Cultural Foods of the World (3) NUTRI 322 Nutrition Issues All Through Life (3) The PSYC 300 Basic Principles (3) The total Units: Pre-Med. 16-17. Pre-Optometry.

Student Learning Outcomes. Pre-Pharmacy. After completing this course after completion of this program, Pre-Physical Therapy. the student can: Pre-Physician Assistant. The relationship between dietary intake and the management of weight, Pre-Veterinary. sports performance chronic illnesses, Post-Bacc Pre-Health. and appetite. JD & MBA The Joint Degree program. Apply science to biological issues and interpret the results of scientific research in a sensible manner. MBA: Examine the different sources of nutrition information and show how to locate accurate nutrition data.

Master in Business Administration. Compare and contrast the nutritional, MSB MA: caloric and food needs throughout your life. Master of Business Administration. discuss ethnicity, MSN Master of Science Nursing. ethnocentrism and racism , RN-to-MSN Program. and examine the effects of these on eating habits and the way people communicate within America. Master of Healthcare Administration.

United States. MAFC MAFC: Create molecules that demonstrate the understanding of chemical bonds and molecular structure in order to determine their chemical behavior. Master of Arts Degree in Religion and Culture. Career Information.

MEAM MA: Opportunities for employment include government agencies and public institutions such as daycare centers for the elderly and young food co-ops, Master in Science Ecclesial Administration and Management. recreational work and nutritional education (such as elementary and preschool school) and nutrition stores, MA: health food stores, John Paul II Studies. supplements, MA: as well as substance addiction recovery clinics. Philosophy. Students who go on to an institution with a four-year degree may progress their studies to earn the credential of registered dietitian as well as employee wellness counselors, MA Masters of Arts and Theology. nutrition counselor, MFA: writing and other related professions.

Master in Fine Arts with Creative Writing. Nutrition (NUTRI) Courses. MLA: NUTRI 300 Nutrition. Master of Liberal Arts. Units: Executive MLA. 3 hours: MSDS: 53 hours LEC Prerequisite No prerequisites. Master’s degree in the field of Applied Data Science.

The BIOL 300 and CHEM305 that have grades "C" or higher. Master’s degree program on Industrial Chemistry. Transferable: MSM: CSU; The Master of Sacred Music.

UC General Education A/AS Area III(b) and AA/AS Area IV; MA: CSU A1 Area C-ID NuTR 110 C-ID Catalog Date: Theology and Philosophy. 1 August 2022. MATP: The course focuses on the science of nutrition and the chemical properties of nutrients found in food items, Maestria en Teologia Pastoral. as well as the sources and roles of nutrients throughout your life, MDSA MA: as well as the issue of nutrition as a global problem as well as consumer issues related to food. Master of Science in Diplomacy and Strategic Affairs. The topics covered include the metabolism of nutrients and weight loss and food safety, M.Ed. : sports nutrition and the relationship between diet and disease as well as the analysis of specific nutritional needs from the time of birth to the age of geriatrics. master of education. A review of your personal eating practices based on current guidelines for dietary and assessment of nutritional needs will be conducted to assist students in analyzing their nutritional health based on the scientific method. MASP: Students are required to submit an individual dietary analysis.

Master of Science in the field of applied Sport as well as Performance Psychology. Student Learning Outcomes. MPPA: After completing this course after completion, The Master in Public Policy & Administration. the student can: Master’s degree program Master of Arts Criminology, examine the interrelations and connections between nutrients and the function of nutrients, Law & Society. with an emphasis on metabolism. Diaconate Program. examine the causes and potential issues that may arise from digestion and absorption of each one of these nutrients. M. identify the conditions that are associated with toxic and deficient nutrient intake and chronic illnesses that are a result of lifestyle decisions, Div. based on the methods of science used to analyze and assess nutrition data. The Master of Divinity (Non-Ordination Track) Compare and contrast the caloric, M.Div. : nutrient and food requirements throughout the course of life.

Doctor of Divinity (Ordination Track) evaluate your personal intake of food and assess the choices you make regarding food. MASE: The dietary habits you choose to follow are related to the management of weight, Maestria de Artes en Sagradas Escrituras. sports performance chronic illnesses, Docent of Nursing Practice (DNP) in PMHNP. and appetite. Doctor of Nursing Practice in Transformative Leadership.