BWC Incentive Program


To reward employers who have been involved in the safety council and incentivize those employers who should be involved to learn more about the program and make a commitment.

Thousands of Ohio employers benefit from the education, resource sharing, and premium savings which result from actively participating in their local safety council monthly meetings. And you can join them.*
BWC Safety Councils can help you:

  • Learn techniques for increasing safety, health, and wellness in your workplace.
  • Network and share best practices with other employers in your community.
  • Identify resources to assist you in your accident prevention efforts.
  • Access risk management information and strategies to reduce your worker’s compensation costs.

To earn a 3% safety council rebate on your workers’ compensation premium, meet rebate eligibility requirements in one of Ohio’s more than 80 BWC-sponsored safety councils. Participation is simpler and easier than ever before.

  • Join or confirm your existing, active membership in a local safety council by July 31, 2023.
  • Attend 10 in-person safety council meetings between July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024:
  • At least eight, or all 10, through attendance at local safety council sponsored monthly meetings, seminars, or special events.
  • You can earn external training credit for up to two meetings through attendance at BWC-sponsored in- person or virtual training courses or in-person safety training from other external sources (e.g. industry associations, third party administrators, etc.). It is the employer’s responsibility to submit documentation to safety council by June 30, 2024 for attendance at non-safety council safety training to qualify. Documentation must be an official certificate of attendance or transcript.

Additional safety council rebate eligibility guidelines:

  • A person can represent only one policy number with his or her attendance at a safety council meeting or external training event.
  • Safety council monthly meetings do not qualify for meeting credit for any employer not enrolled in that safety council.
  • No matter the duration of the training, seminar, or conference, only one external training credit is earned per event.
  • Safety training conducted at an employer’s workplace does not qualify for safety council rebate program eligibility.
  • Virtual/Online training does not qualify for safety council rebate program eligibility except BWC virtual training classes.

* The rebate offer excludes self-insuring employers and state agencies. Limitations apply to a professional employer organization and its clients.

To receive the rebate, employers must be current with respect to all payments due BWC. Employers may not have cumulative lapses in workers’ compensation coverage in excess of 40 days within the prior 12 months. Additionally, employers must have timely reported actual payroll for the preceding policy year and pay any premium due upon reconciliation of estimated premium and actual premium.

Employer must meet both eligibility requirements outlined above to be eligible for the 3% premium rebate. Questions? Contact the Capital Area Safety Council at 614-890-0800 Ext 203