Benefits of a CASC Membership

Safety Council Rebate Program

Eligibility Requirements FY24

  • Enroll in local safety council by July 31, 2023 – Find a list of Ohio safety councils at the Ohio BWC Website click here.
  • Attend 10 meetings or events between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024 – At least 8 of the 10 meetings must be safety council meetings. Up to two of the 10 can be external educational options outlined below, but all 10 can be safety council meetings.
    • A person can represent only one policy number with their attendance at a meeting.
    • Employer has the option to gain credit for up to two meetings through attendance at BWC’s Division of Safety & Hygiene (DSH) safety training courses or industry-specific training.
    • No matter the duration of the training or special event, attendance applies toward only one meeting credit.
    • Safety training conducted at the employers’ workplace, online or required Drug-Free Workplace training does not qualify for the safety council rebate program eligibility.
    • It is the employer’s responsibility to submit documentation to his or her safety council by June 30, 2024, for attendance at non-safety council training or events to qualify. Documentation must be an official certificate of attendance or transcript.

Find a list of Ohio safety councils at

Questions? Contact the Capital Area Safety Council at 614-890-0800 Ext 203